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We offer legal services in regards to Probate, Letters of Administration with the Will annexed or Letters of Administration. We know that the application for Probate or Letters of Administration comes at a very difficult time and we will take care of the application.

Our lawyers are experienced and will advise correctly whether the deceased has left a valid will (Grant of Probate), or in the event that an executor cannot act (Letters of Administration with the will annexed), or if the deceased has not left a will (Letters of Administration).

We will guide you through the process, assisting the executor to gather the necessary information in order to file with the Probate Office. We are only ever a phone call away!

Estate Planning

We specialise in Estate Planning offering our clients a confidential discussion on all the issues surrounding the gifting of property to family. Whether you have a traditional family or blended family and simply decide to leave your estate to your spouse, partner and children – or something far more complex. This can include taking into consideration step children, grandchildren, and even friends, we can guide you through the complex world of estate planning. We can also advise in regard to the concerns you may have in regard to the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act 1972.


Westmont Legal is the best choice for all your conveyancing and property settlement needs. We have years of experience handling property settlement matters in Perth and Western Australia, delivering friendly service that you can rely on!

We offer a wide range of assistance from all aspects of conveyancing of your residential property through to complex commercial transactions – Westmont Legal can assist you.

Our experienced lawyers will ensure that you are advised correctly in relation to all matters, including commercial leases, GST, and other matters pertaining to a commercial sale and purchase. Our goal with our conveyancing service is to provide the highest quality conveyancing service in Perth. If you want a property lawyer service that is absolutely professional, we guarantee that you will be happy with our service.